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Are you enjoying the time of EVE? by Ominako
by Ominako

This drawing is vey good and almost a carbon copy of your reference wich is fine if that was your goal... My biggest advice would be fo...



I joined this site with the intent of have fun with art and learn as much as I could about my artistic passion and I am having a lot of fun drawing and being in an artistic journey.

I am also a christian and a believer in justice, I didn't come to this site to debate as I have learned through the years it's just pointless to try to change someone's mind through a debate as fanatics can't be reasoned with and I am also tired of the bullying I have received just because of who I am and what I believe, that's not "challenging my ideas" that's bullying plain and simple. 

This is one example of the many nasty comments I have received trough the years. 
Thisisnotadbeate by MYTHICSONOFGOD

I have politely asked people that I don't wish to debate and yet they insist that I should "debate" or "be ready to defend my ideas to anyone" (aka waste lots of hours of my life with random people on the internet so they can feel smart by "proving" me wrong) In my opinion debating with random people is not worth my time because none of us will have a change of opinion nor is the reason I am here. That's time I could be using having fun and practicing my art. I am not here to debate, i am here to do and enjoy  art while meeting great people.

This comic by Rikard Johanssons reflecs  my opinion on internet debates

(Comic strip belongs to Rickard Johansson aka  :icondrunken-novice:   used under USA's fair use and Mexico's article 148 of "ley federal de los derechos de autor" original can be found here

2012-09-19-TGAG 202 The Breakthrough by MYTHICSONOFGOD48

Due to this circumstances I have decided that I don't want to debate at all on this site, and if you insist despite me telling you that I don't want to debate, I will have to block you. I am sorry but the high amount of immatureness, bullying  and lack of respect on the internet  has forced me to do this.

If you truly want to debate I will introduce you to my fellow christians that do have the time to debate with you. I will always be open to discuss my beliefs in a polite way if you are interested, but never to pointless debates.

I hope you understand and God bless.

List of people that will be happy to debate with you.



Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I am CHRISIAN newbie Mexican artist and a law student. This drawing thing has become a bit of an obssesion for me.

But even with my lack of talent I simply love drawing an gettin better everyday :) and everything I do is for the glory of GOD.

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Thanks for adding Will you be my friend? to your collections. I'm happy that you like it :la:
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Of course, I relate to it :)
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came to give a llama, just want to say your art is really cool! > v <
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Thanks for adding Improvement Meme 1999 - 2013 to your collections. I'm happy that you like it :la:
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Thanks for the favorite. ::)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! From the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right? It is your birthday, right??? Well anyhow, I hope that you have an absolutely amazing day!! And I hope God gives you another awesome, incredible, and exciting year of life!! Have a great one!!!
MYTHICSONOFGOD Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much bert you rock.. an sorry for the late time replying I think I really was in need that time of from 12th gates :)
bbqbert Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hahaha, that's fine!! Everyone needs space. That matters~~
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